Robert Frost Poetry


Robert Frost Poetry

Robert Frost Poetry
There are many examples of different types of poetry and poems by this famous author. This section provides a selection of different types of poems by this famous American Poet. The types of poetry and poems by this great author have been selected to cover all kinds subjects and themes.


Robert Frost Poetry

Robert Frost Biography (1874 - 1963)
The great poet and author was born in San Francisco in America in 1874. He was the son of Isabelle Moodie and William Prescott Frost Jnr. who was the editor of the San Francisco Daily Evening Post. He lived in California until he was eleven years old when following the death of his father, he moved with his mother to eastern Massachusetts. His first poem was published in  in Lawrence, Massachusetts. He attended Dartmouth College in Mass. He had an excellent education finishing his education at Harvard. He married Elinor Miriam White in December 1895. In 1912,  he sailed with his family to Glasgow where his mother originated and then lived in Beaconsfield, outside London. The family returned to America in 1915 and purchased a farm in Franconia, New Hampshire. His literary career was extensive and he was known as a Poet, essayist, educator, and critic and he won the Pulitzer Prize no less than four times! He died in Boston on January 29, 1963 and was buried in the Old Bennington Cemetery, in Bennington, Vermont.

Robert Frost Poems

A Brook in the CityA Dream PangA Late Walk
A Peck of Gold by Robert FrostA Prayer in SpringA Question by Robert Frost
A Time to Talk by Robert FrostAcquainted with the NightBirches by Robert Frost
Desert PlacesDust of Snow by Robert FrostFire and Ice by Robert Frost
Fireflies in the GardenGhost HouseGoing for Water
In a Disused GraveyardInto My Own by Robert FrostIt Bids Pretty Fair
Love and a QuestionMeeting and PassingMending Wall by Robert Frost
My Butterfly by Robert FrostNothing Gold Can StayOctober by Robert Frost
Once By The OceanOnce by the PacificOut, Out by Robert Frost
Putting in the SeedReluctance by Robert FrostSoldier by Robert Frost
Spring PoolsStars by Robert FrostThe Armful
The Bear by Robert FrostThe Cow in Apple TimeThe Lockless Door by Robert Frost
The Pasture by Robert FrostThe Road Not Taken The Tuft of Flowers
To EarthwardTo the Thawing WindTree at my Window by Robert Frost
Waiting by Robert Frost Wind and Window Flower

The Need of Being Versed in Country Things by Robert Frost


Examples of Teen Poetry
Poems are kinds of literature written by the poet in meter or verse expressing various emotions which are expressed by the use of variety of techniques including metaphors, similes and onomatopoeia. The emphasis on the aesthetics of language and the use of techniques such as repetition, meter and rhyme are what are commonly used to distinguish poetry from prose. Poems often make heavy use of imagery and word association to quickly convey emotions. 

Examples of Structure of Teen Poetry
The structural elements might include the line, couplet, strophe and stanza. Poets combine the use of language and a specific structure to create an imaginative and expressive poem such as shown in the above examples. The structure used is chosen by the poet when considering the visual effect of a finished poem.

Types of Poetry - Poems

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Types of Poetry - Poems

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