To a Louse

To a Louse

The Poem To a Louse by Robert Burns
This is a specific example of Teen poetry and a Teen themed poem. This section provides a selection of different types of Teen poetry and poems by a famous Poet. The Teen poetry and poems have been selected to cover all aspect of this kind of poetry and poem. The following poem To a Louse from this famous poet Robert Burns can be used as a useful example of Teen poetry.

The poem To a Louse by Robert Burns
(On seeing a louse on a lady's bonnet at church!)

Ha! whare ye gaun, ye crowlin ferlie!
Your impudence protects you sairly:
I canna say but ye strunt rarely
Owre gauze and lace;
Tho' faith, I fear ye dine but sparely
On sic a place.

Ye ugly, creepin, blastit wonner,
Detested, shunned by saunt an' sinner,
How daur ye set your fit upon her,
Sae fine a lady!
Gae somewhere else and seek your dinner,
On some poor body.

Swith, in some beggar's haffet squattle;
There ye may creep, and sprawl, and sprattle
Wi' ither kindred, jumpin cattle,
In shoals and nations;
Whare horn or bane ne'er daur unsettle
Your thick plantations.

Now haud ye there, ye're out o' sight,
Below the fatt'rels, snug an' tight;
Na faith ye yet! ye'll no be right
Till ye've got on it,
The vera tapmost, towering height
O' Miss's bonnet.

My sooth! right bauld ye set your nose out,
As plump an' grey as onie grozet:
O for some rank, mercurial rozet,
Or fell, red smeddum,
I'd gie ye sic a hearty dose o't,
Wad dress your droddum!

I wad na been surprised to spy
You on an auld wife's flainen toy;
Or aiblins some bit duddie boy,
On's wyliecoat;
But Miss's fine Lunardi!—fie!
How daur ye do't?

O Jenny, dinna toss your head,
An' set your beauties a' abread!
Ye little ken what cursed speed
The blastie's makin!
Thae winks and finger-ends, I dread,
Are notice takin!

O, wad some Power the giftie gie us
To see oursels as others see us!
It wad frae monie a blunder free us
An' foolish notion:
What airs in dress an' gait wad lea'e us,
And ev'n Devotion!


The Poem To a Louse by Robert Burns - Example of Teen Poetry
Poetry written with a Teen theme such as the poem To a Louse by Robert Burns is piece of literature written by the poet in meter or verse expressing various emotions which are expressed by the use of variety of techniques including metaphors, similes and onomatopoeia. The emphasis on the aesthetics of language and the use of techniques such as repetition, meter and rhyme are what are commonly used to distinguish Teen poetry from Teen prose. Poems often make heavy use of imagery and word association to quickly convey emotions. A famous example of Teen poetry is the poem To a Louse by Robert Burns.

The Poem To a Louse by Robert Burns - Example of Structure of Teen Poetry
The structure used in a Teen poem varies with different types of poetry and can be seen in the above example of the poem To a Louse by Robert Burns. The structural elements might include the line, couplet, strophe and stanza. Poets and Teen Poetry combine the use of language and a specific structure to create an imaginative and expressive poem such as To a Louse by Robert Burns. The structure used in Teen Poetry types are also used when considering the visual effect of a finished poem.

To a Louse

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To a Louse

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